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Overstory applies artificial intelligence to high-resolution satellite imagery to provide real-time analytics of natural resources. Being part of HUGSI from the start, Overstory is our technology partner providing the green data for the index calculation.
Detailed insights provided by Overstory helps electric utilities, cities and forestry companies to improve vegetation management. The insights derived from satellite imagery and AI are:
  • Scalable: Quickly and regularly understand the vegetation in your region or around your assets.
  • Accurate: Accurate insights ensure field visits are focused on the most pressing concerns. Our algorithms have been developed, tested and validated in partnership with arborists and forestry professionals around the globe.
  • Actionable: Overstory delivers tree-level data on vegetation species, health, height and proximity to assets, enabling risk-based planning for vegetation management. Overstory pinpoints risks and verifies if work has been performed successfully.
“We have been working with Overstory since the birth of HUGSI and they are an integral part of our team. We really enjoy working together and it is a real 1+1=3 story.”
— Team HUGSI


Overstory uses machine learning to interpret satellite imagery and climate data to extract detailed insights about trees and shrubs.
  • The machine learning algorithms are pre-trained with ground measurements from arborists and forestry professionals and the Overstory data repository.
  • By fusion of data with diverse spatial, spectral and temporal resolution Overstory allows for real-time and predictive insights.
  • The Overstory technology is set up to extract additional value from other customer data sources such as LiDAR and drone data.
  • Insights are accessed securely via the Overstory platform, or can be easily integrated into existing tools and customer workflows.
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