Supporting the greening ambition of global cities through satellite analysis and data
The Husqvarna Urban Green Space Index (HUGSI) is an AI-powered satellite solution that indicates how green cities are by analyzing their urban areas and how they are developing. Our aim is to support cities to safeguard and grow urban green areas across the globe. Since 2019, HUGSI has conducted annual surveys of a growing number of cities in the world.
With we provide cities with data about the current quantity of green space in urban areas, with yearly scans we can share the development over time and through a standardized methodology and global data sets cities can also benchmark numbers.

How it works


  • Cities apply to become part of (Add you city)
  • City boundaries are defined based on OSM administrative boundaries (Open Street Map)
  • Define urban/populated areas, at least 3,8 people per 100m grid in GHS-POP (Global Human Settlement Layer)
  • Define best vegetative day of year for the city
  • Retrieve data satellite data for defined area and best day (Copernicus / Sentinel 2)
  • Analyze data (Overstory)
  • Calculate KPI’s, Index ranking and rating (The green KPI’s of HUGSI)
  • Publish public KPI’s and maps on