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Which municipalities are up to the challenge?

Green cities and towns are essential to cope with climate change, restore biodiversity and promote the health of citizens. That is why we challenge all municipalities in the Netherlands to participate in the Green City Challenged 2021! Everyone wants greener, but the question is how? We believe it starts with insight. Which neighborhood is the greenest? How much green space does each resident have at their disposal? And where exactly is planting lacking? The Green City Challenge investigates this and provides in-depth insight into the greening potential per district on the basis of data analyzes (including satellite, aerial photos and BGT).

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Benefit from detailed local GEO-data

Sweco helps us to get the local data and bring it into the mix to get an overview of the GEO data. This helps us to deep dive into the green space data of a specific city or village.
Green parameters (KPIs) that we are tracking as part of the Green City Challenge:
  • % of green space in the city, divided by public and private lands
  • Build-up and area of green space in the city (trees, bushes, grass)
  • Green space per capita
  • Distribution of greenspace over the city
  • Vitality and health of the vegetation
  • Benchmark with other cities part of the challenge
  • How is the urban greenery (trees, bushes, and vegetation) distributed over the city/village?