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Get to see detailed data about cities

Unfold the data from all monitored cities by expanding the city view to explore all green indicators for all cities in the platform.

You will understand the distribution of land cover classes – what is the proportion of trees, grass, water and other grey, impervious areas as well as overall city-wide vegetation vitality analysis using NDVI.

Evaluate distribution of greenspace – low score equals concentrations of green – high score indicates well distributed greenspace over the city. This along with Urban green space per capita brings valuable insights to the green infrastructure.

With the Area info tab you can explore similar cities based on specific indicators as well as understand the population density and view the population heatmap.

Groene Stad Challenge

Are you working for a municipality part of the Green City Challenge in the Netherlands? Then you are lucky!

By registering an account on using your municipality work email address you can get detailed data on your city’s green potential and a detailed view of the amount of green as well as potentials for all neighborhoods.

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